Google to control your world

One can start to get worried when we think about how much control we let Google have. I mean – I am pro-google, and I love what the do, though when things like todays errors happens, one starts to wonder what would happen if Google turned into a monster? As it is today, we let Read more about Google to control your world[…]

Earn money from your blog

Earn money

So you’ve been thinking that it’s time that you start earning some money from all the hard work you’ve been putting into your blog? Guess what, so does everyone else also think. I’ve read quite a few so-called recipes on how to make money on web, ranging from utterly junk to even worse. If you didn’t already know, no – there are no quick way to earn money, it takes time, devotion – and not least, dedication towards the webpage(s) that you run. Then what exactly can one do to make money? The clue is, don’t aim at making money, aim at making something you love, that you care for and that you have great fun in doing.


TypeChart – Find your type!

The other day I stumbled upon the webpage TypeChart. A brilliant webpage for those of us that works in design and typesetting. Here you can quickly and easily check how different fonts works against eachother, on both Windows and MacOSX platform. It covers a variety of features, and you can easily and quickly change between Read more about TypeChart – Find your type![…]

TechCrunch – News that matters

Michael ArringtonWhen I woke up today, I saw that finally Norwegian newspapers had opened their eyes towards those bloggers that doesn’t shout the loudest. One of the blogs I’ve been reading for quite some time now, TechCrunch – was mentioned in a Norwegian newspaper ( Now, I am sure that there are quite a few Norwegians out there that reads TechCrunch already, though it’s a good reminder for others that there -are- other information sources than Perez Hilton. Being in the computer business myself, I find it interresting to follow what people like Michael Arrington believes is the top-of-the-notch. But one can wonder what goes through peoples minds when they think that their business will be successful if they are just mentioned by him, or well – mentioned by anyone really on TechCrunch and the sister sites.

Sure – getting mentioned by such sites will probably generate a quick boost in interrest; though often in such cases – where people are desperate to get mentioned – it’s usually due to having products that won’t sell unless someone is tricked into believing that this particular product is the very best on the market. Now, if the same people would just concentrate on finalizing their product, and making it better – then they would probably see that they would be far better off. But before you get ready to sharpen your knife and aim for the picture of me to the right here; this is -my- point of view.


WpRecipes – What do you want to cook today?

When I decided to change my backend software from Drupal to WordPress, I was going through all kinds of plugins and «hacks», as well as made my own configurations and plugins to see what I could get out of WordPress. One night as I was browsing around how to achieve something, I stumbled over; Read more about WpRecipes – What do you want to cook today?[…]

Hamachi – Easy VPN

Hamachi is easy explained, a VPN service that takes little to no effort to setup. The main usage of this little gem is to have a secure way to remotely connect to your own network, or for that sake – a business network. This way you can have LAN networks work over internet; easy access Read more about Hamachi – Easy VPN[…]

Eraser – Secure file deletion

Often when you work, you end up having documents that aren’t meant to be read by others. And when you then are done with those documents and you’ve secured your encrypted backup, then it’s time to remove the actual document and with secure file deletion make sure that the data can not be read from the disk. This is where ERASER comes in hand. With several different erasing methods:

  1. Gutmann – with 35 passes.
  2. US DoD 5220.22-M (8-306. /E, C and E) – with 7 passes.
  3. US DoD 5220.22-M (8.306. / E) – with 3 passes.
  4. Pseudorandom Data – with 1 pass.
  5. Only first and last 2KB – with 1 pass.
  6. Schneier’s 7 pass – with 7 passes.



Some time ago I needed to get TCL to work with MySQL Database. After some searching I found the project mysqltcl which suited my needs perfectly. If you are in need of a lightweight module that can handle MySQL interraction in TCL, then head over to and download it today. You might also want Read more about MySQL in TCL[…]

ColourLovers – paradise for colors!

So you’ve started on a new project, but you lack the ideas of what colors to use? I guess we’ve all been there a few times. Whenever I have troubles finding colors I usually hit and either browse amongst the huge amount of pre-defined colors, or use their highly advanced search engine to find Read more about ColourLovers – paradise for colors![…]