Credit Crisis Visualized

Everyone ought to have noticed the on-going financial crisis that goes around the world. But if you’re like me, you probably have a hard time understanding the whole consept and what is actually going on. I stumbled over this simplified video describing what lead up to it and what was the outcome. Now, this is Read more about Credit Crisis Visualized[…]

Store Norske Leksikon

Finally it was decided that they would offer this service (Norwegian) for free. And surely there isn’t much you can complain about when it comes to content. Now that they even opened for user-contributed content I am sure we’ll see that this will quickly expand and in time it might even be able to compete Read more about Store Norske Leksikon[…]

Safari – going wild!

Tuesday Apple announced their new Safari version (4 Beta), and boy what a version. I must admit I never was much fan of Safari earlier, but after testing it out a bit and seeing with my own eyes how much faster it is to render certain things like for instance Javascript, then I have to Read more about Safari – going wild![…]

Frets on Fire – Play the board!

Even though I have Guitar Hero myself, I did find this game rather interresting. Mostly because I enjoy good music, and you can find quite a bit of tunes for this little gem around the internet. Surely, there are quite a bit of songs that most certainly has not been released with the authors knowledge, Read more about Frets on Fire – Play the board![…]

Tweet me the money!

So I was thinking the other day regarding Twitter and the ways it would be possible to earn money. Both from the company perspective, though also from the perspective of an end-user. Sure, for an end-user you have the option of pushing out advertisments and have a large enough crowd following you so that you Read more about Tweet me the money![…]

BluePont – When privacy means nothing

Most of you already know that I’ve critizised several online solutions as I am thinking more and more people are giving up their privacy using those services. The other day I stumbled upon yet a service that to me falls into the same category. BluePont is a dating service; another one you may ask – Read more about BluePont – When privacy means nothing[…]

OpenDNS – Update yours today!

Have you ever been irritated over slow DNS updates, or been unable to browse the internet due to your ISP having troubles, then it’s time that you switch to OpenDNS. A large and free DNS service. This service is used by several large companies around the world as well as the ordinary guy. Amongst the Read more about OpenDNS – Update yours today![…]

Captcha – are you smart enough?


I read a Norwegian news article earlier today regarding that spammers had overcome the current version of CAPTCHA that Microsoft uses at their services. And I can’t but help thinking that why are we fooling ourself? If it can be programmed then it can be reversed – end of discussion. Does it help? Not really, it only slow down the spammers, and make life miserable for the end-user of your webpage. Soon you need a doctor degree in typography in order to actually understand what the CAPTCHA is trying to tell you. Sure, it’s impressive to see what new ways they are coming up with to try to keep the robots out; but when I need to take out a dictionary to form words or look up on Wikipedia to figure out what kind of animal they just asked me to describe – then in my eyes its gone way too far.


GeoLocations – Track that IP

Ever wanted to create a service to mark your visitors on a map, and actually pin-point in what city they originate from? This free database give you that possibillity. Marc released his project to the public free of charge, and with this database you are just a few lines of code away from having your Read more about GeoLocations – Track that IP[…]

GMail’s new Clothes

Those of you whom uses GMail probably noticed the GUI upgrade they performed not long ago, even though it now should be considered as «old news», I still would like to write a few words about it. One of the things that struck me was their new and – if I may add – well-done Read more about GMail’s new Clothes[…]