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Prezi – The Zooming Presentation Editor Prezi changes the way you think about presentations. It lets you arrange your ideas and images on a large canvas, where you can zoom around to show details and overview. And it is still very simple to use. Hear what others say about Prezi: «Pretty amazing» – CNET «Love at Read more about goes public[…]

Computer animated band

Seeing I am in the musical mood tonight, I might as well include another find I had the other day. Animusic – a completely computer animated band. It’s impressive what they have been able to come up with using nothing but computer animations together with their music. Below you can watch one of their songs Read more about Computer animated band[…]

Super Mario on Drums

Having been a passionate drummer for 20 years now, I am always checking around to see new ways to learn and adapt. One of the drummers that caught my eye and ears some time back was Andrea Vadrucci. He posts some of his sessions on Youtube under the nickname Vadrum. If you’re into drumming, or Read more about Super Mario on Drums[…]

Customer tweet, how can I help you?

What is the first thing you do whenever you have something to complain about? Thats right, you post on Twitter. Comcast, a cable service provider in the US discovered that people had started complaining about a service being down hours before anyone actually cared to phone them and tell them about it. Well – we’re Read more about Customer tweet, how can I help you?[…]

Create your own social network

With the rise of Facebook and similar social networks the urge of creating something a bit closer to heart, perhaps an own network just for your wine-club members, or a band that wants a closer connection with its fans – then here is ELGG. A open-source solution for creating and maintaining social networks. With the Read more about Create your own social network[…]

Web development project estimator

As I was just wandering around the internet trying to relax a bit, I stumbled upon this little webapplication. Surely, not the greatest find – but could offer some little hints and tips for those of you whom does webdevelopment on your own. Takes into consideration most of the topics that would come up and Read more about Web development project estimator[…]

Beautiful Facebook Design

So a lot of people have been yelling about the disastrous changes that the Facebook team implemented in their design. Frankly I don’t see the fuzz, as the changes they did wasn’t that major if you just look at it. Sure – it needs a few minutes to get familiar with, but when you start Read more about Beautiful Facebook Design[…]

Information and tools for MP3HD

Earlier today we heard about the coming of MP3HD, in my eyes a great announcement even though one can wonder why people don’t put more effort into FLAC. Afterall, MP3 is not free while FLAC is. Anyhow; for those of you whom don’t know what MP3HD is; it’s a lossless audio codec that has backward Read more about Information and tools for MP3HD[…]

Store your application config as XML

As I stated in the previous post, the new project of mine I am rewamping most of my old libraries and the configuration is no different. Usually I stored configuration using old INI files, but well – thats a bit outdated now in 2009. I still wanted a similar way to store and get my Read more about Store your application config as XML[…]

Encrypt and decrypt files in

As I’ve been working on a new project lately, I needed a way to encrypt/decrypt files quickly and easily in For some reason I found tons of examples around the internet, but either you had to put them together yourself, or they were poorly coded or coded in a way that seemed like a Read more about Encrypt and decrypt files in[…]