Comment using your Facebook profile

Ok, let’s face it – quite a few of the visitors you have on your page most likely already have a Facebook account. Wouldn’t it then be nice to let them be able to comment on your page without needing to register there as well? With this nice little plugin you can. A few steps Read more about Comment using your Facebook profile[…]

The Sims 3 – Already leaked

It’s in these times that EA should have had a way to speed up their distribution process. Their new blockbuster, The Sims 3 – is already leaked by pirates – 14 days before the official launch date. In such times it would have been good for them to have a way to quickly do a Read more about The Sims 3 – Already leaked[…]

Age of Conan – Free trial codes

Those of you gamers out there interresting in testing out Age of Conan, now is your chance. Sure, the Age of Conan game can freely be tested in a 7-day open trial, though with these trial codes you get some extra features that gives you an edge in the game. I am going to give Read more about Age of Conan – Free trial codes[…]

Free Spotify Invites

Invite codes – be quick (2010-05-07) Thanks to Brynjar you can now have one of the invite codes below, be quick – these will be taken rather quick. BkyA4zbdKzW6sLx2 (taken) dswgXE7F6w3sas6S (taken) fGykM8V3AcAGY78m (taken) efUFb2q9LFymSUF8 (taken) fEcDtFNfsnJaUECN (taken) Due to overwhelming visitors to this publication, I’ve updated it. You’ll find a way to register your Read more about Free Spotify Invites[…]

Why are people pirates?

Since the early dawn of Internet there has always been pirates; it started out small with people wanting to share – people met online and shared floppies, later on CDs and then DVDs. Why do people share? In the beginning it was computer enthusiasts wanting to share; discuss and enjoy new titles. Often these people Read more about Why are people pirates?[…]

Secure Online Passwords

Use your default password and generate secure passwords on the various web-sites you visit. It’s a definitive fact that most of the people online uses just one, or at most – 3 passwords when they travel around the internet. Often these passwords are way to easy to figure out, either based on family, names, birthdates, Read more about Secure Online Passwords[…]

Free Design Template – Spot On

Today I am pleased to announce this new little design template I’ve made. The template is pure PSD template, which means you have the complete source to the elements. This version does not come with HTML/CSS due to limited time, but if anyone decides to use it, I would be thrilled to be told, and Read more about Free Design Template – Spot On[…]

Popcorn Hour A-110, ultimate streaming

About a month ago I received my media box; more spesifically the Popcorn Hour A-110. I had been hearing quite a bit about that particular box and looked forward to get it. For those of you whom does not know what it is: short version – networked media station. I’ll even be so kind that Read more about Popcorn Hour A-110, ultimate streaming[…]

iPhone GUI – Free PSD sources

Earlier today when I needed to create some iPhone’ish design to show how some things would look like being designed for the iPhone I stumbled upon this little gem. A big PSD file covering a lot of the design elements you would need to create a iPhone-a-like design for any thing you need. Teehan+lax offers Read more about iPhone GUI – Free PSD sources[…]