UI Patterns, what should I be concerned about?

The last few years it has become more and more important to have good user interfaces (UI). Thus, keeping up with what is actually a good UI recently can be a might task. But then comes various web pages and offering you a helping hand. Two of the webpages I frequently visit to see what Read more about UI Patterns, what should I be concerned about?[…]

Pattern Tap – When motivation halts

The other day I was having some hard time getting my motivation going. Mostly because it was just a few days left at work before starting my summer vacation. While I was browsing around trying to find some motivation towards creating some designs I needed to complete before going on vacation I stumbled upon this Read more about Pattern Tap – When motivation halts[…]

WIMP – Spotify, watch out

A couple of weeks ago I was given an invitation token to a new streaming service much similar to Spotify. This new service with the project name WIMP is also based on the same technical setup as Spotify, coded in AIR. The main difference however is that where Spotify will remain free, you need to Read more about WIMP – Spotify, watch out[…]