Eavesdrop a Skype conversation

I stumbled over this earlier today and thought it could be interresting to share. The idea itself is rather easy – get a trojan into someones computer and take eavesdropping to a new level. While earlier trojans mostly registered all your keyboard activity and logged everything you did, this trojan goes to the next step. Read more about Eavesdrop a Skype conversation[…]

Creating Java web-service for JBoss

As I was struggling to figure out why I had a hard time getting some existing web-services to run on JBoss, I made some very limited web-service just to bug-track and see what was actually going on. This is a -very- limited example on a web-service that can be deployed on a JBoss installation. But Read more about Creating Java web-service for JBoss[…]

Deploy Java webservice on JBoss

After spending hours bug-tracking and head-banging to try to convert some web-services made for Tomcat to run on JBoss I finally figured out a solution. While you earlier on configured the webservices in various XML configuration files for both Tomcat and JBoss – in JBoss you no longer need that. Simply right-click the package structure Read more about Deploy Java webservice on JBoss[…]