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Lokale meninger, globale ytringer


Have complete control of your processes by using this console class. You can initiate a console, and then use the event handler to get feedback from the output/error handler as well as get notified when a process is started/ended.
Uploaded: 2012-06-12 23:10:11 - Version: 1.0 - Number of downloads: 390 - Size: 1.35 kB
Auto Start with Windows
Easily have your application auto start whenever Windows boots. This class gives you easy access to add/remove your application from automated startup.
Uploaded: 2012-06-12 23:09:00 - Version: 1.0 - Number of downloads: 408 - Size: 629 bytes
Ever needed to run a spesific task or application in administration mode but didn't want to include the manifest that required it to start with administrator rights? Then use this class, here you can logon/logoff, check if UAC, check if administrator and add administrator shield to a button.
Uploaded: 2012-06-12 23:08:11 - Version: 1.0 - Number of downloads: 404 - Size: 1.86 kB
This is purely useful for Norwegians, though the actual coding might be interresting for others as well. This uses a updated index directly from Norwegian Banks so that you can calculate how much you need to pay for different currencies. The download contains both the executable as well as the complete source code (VB.NET).
Uploaded: 2011-08-25 12:56:00 - Version: 1.0 - Number of downloads: 905 - Size: 164.52 kB
The purpose of this code is to create a easy-to-use framework to be used when creating GPS enabled applications. The functionality presented here is the result of reading upon the articles publiced on PSC some time ago, and the program gives you enough functionality to start learning how to work with the NMEA GPS signals.
Uploaded: 2011-08-25 12:53:00 - Version: 0.1 - Number of downloads: 882 - Size: 93.47 kB
This project was made as there were no real good examples on how to create a IRC Bot in VB.NET and thus I wanted to create a full scale bot, that not only would have a lot of functionality, but which also would be easy for others to expand later on. The project gives you a good way of making your own IRC Bot for your applications, and houses quite a few of event handlers which gives you practically all the information you would need.
Uploaded: 2011-08-25 12:52:00 - Version: 0.2 - Number of downloads: 864 - Size: 476.46 kB
One of the applications I coded during my education was this server/client solution. This application shows how to code a server/client approach in VB.NET with file transfers, encryption and messaging. The messages can be encrypted – and it also involves a way of performing a sort-of key-exchange between the server and client. See screenshots here
Uploaded: 2010-06-12 22:33:00 - Version: 1.5 - Number of downloads: 819 - Size: 654.99 kB
Site Synchronizer
I was browsing the web and found a open-source library for using SSH/SFTP connections in .NET. Thus I put together this example that contains methods to upload, download and list directories. I’ve made the class easy to use so that you can with ease implement progressbar and such on the transfers.
Uploaded: 2009-06-10 20:05:00 - Version: 1.0 - Number of downloads: 6570 - Size: 423.42 kB
PircBot w/SSL Support
Some time ago I found this Java framework (PircBot) for coding IRC bots. A quite nice framework, but it lacked some functionality that I needed, most notably the ability to join IRC servers that enforced SSL connections. With some minor adjustments to the actual code I got it working, and by downloading the attached source, you’re just a line away from having your own SSL-enabled PircBot. See here how to use it.
Uploaded: 2011-08-25 12:51:00 - Version: 1.2 - Number of downloads: 1222 - Size: 45.13 kB
PircBot Blowfish Addon
After I previously had gotten SSL to work with PircBot, I then got intrigued if it would be possible to apply even more security to it. After I found encryption modules for mIRC earlier, I figured it had to be possible to append the same security to this IRC bot as well. Now, well – the only «security» is that both you and the IRC bot have set a spesific password for a channel, and with that password you, the BOT and eventually others are able to communicate in a way that seems like garbage to anyone without the actual password. See here how to use it.
Uploaded: 2011-08-25 12:50:00 - Version: 1.0 - Number of downloads: 882 - Size: 1.37 kB
Database, Log4j and Exceptions
I’ve put together a small java project that involves a variety of day-to-day tasks of a Java programmer. This project includes logging (Log4j) with configuration loaded from XML. You find database interaction with needed connection details loaded from an external XML file. The database layer includes good practice as I see it, when it comes to handling exception, rollback, commit and the usual CRUD operations. Read more about this.
Uploaded: 2011-01-27 19:09:00 - Version: 2.0 - Number of downloads: 517 - Size: 1.15 MB
Standalone Java Persistence API
I wanted to use the same capabilities that you get with Java Persistence API (JPA) in Java EE within my console applications and wondered if that would be an easy and doable task. Surely it turned out to be harder to actually grasp what you needed than to make the actual example. Read more and get required libraries.
Uploaded: 2010-11-17 22:29:00 - Version: 1.0 - Number of downloads: 825 - Size: 4.69 MB
Java Console
During my time as a student I often needed a way to get console input. Often the tasks we were given to solve only involved console and thus no need for GUI solutions. The teacher himself had a pre-defined package that we could use, though I found it lacked some features I wanted. Read more about this here.
Uploaded: 2010-09-28 20:42:00 - Version: 1.0 - Number of downloads: 572 - Size: 2.8 kB
This service is continously updated with traffic news – roads blocked and other information that is important to people on the road. The framework works in the manner that you can either get all the current events, or limit it to an area of your choice. The area codes you can use is defined in the source code. Read more about it here.
Uploaded: 2009-02-03 21:08:00 - Version: 1.0 - Number of downloads: 1119 - Size: 22.78 kB
Jailed User
Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you would need to make sure that the users can’t reach more of the server than you require them to. With this script you can Chroot/Jail SFTP/SCP/SSH on Ubuntu. Learn how to use it here.
Uploaded: 2011-02-02 18:41:00 - Version: 1.0 - Number of downloads: 2168 - Size: 5.67 kB