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FTP4CHE Examples

First I just added a single example here to show some things that FTP4CHE could do, never would I have thought that it would get so popular in a short period of time. So to adjust to what the visitors here clearly wants, I’ve re-done this part, and made some clear examples on the basic things you would like to do with FTP4CHE. So what is this FTP4CHE I am talking about, FTP4CHE is a brilliant Java library that have the ability to connect to not only ordinary FTP servers, but also FTP servers that supports implicit SSL, auth SSL, implicit TLS and auth TLS as I first mentioned here.

As I struggled to find some samples on how to do some of these things myself, I figured I might as well share it so that others can have it a bit easier.

  1. Connect to a FTP with SSL/TLS
  2. Reading response from FTP
  3. Getting FTP directory listing
  4. Downloading a file from FTP
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