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PircBot with Blowfish

After I previously had gotten SSL to work with PircBot, I then got intrigued if it would be possible to apply even more security to it. After I found encryption modules for mIRC earlier, I figured it had to be possible to append the same security to this IRC bot as well. Now, well – the only «security» is that both you and the IRC bot have set a spesific password for a channel, and with that password you, the BOT and eventually others are able to communicate in a way that seems like garbage to anyone without the actual password. You create a new instance like this:

Blowfish blowfish = new Blowfish(«channel password»);

As you probably then realised, you need to make a new instance for each channel. I could of course have made it a bit more professional thus adding a way of keeping track of the different keys and channels, but hey – I just did this as a proof-of-concept. You can download the Java source file below.