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PircBot with SSL

Some time ago I found this Java framework (PircBot) for coding IRC bots. A quite nice framework, but it lacked some functionality that I needed, most notably the ability to join IRC servers that enforced SSL connections. With some minor adjustments to the actual code I got it working, and by downloading the attached source, you’re just a line away from having your own SSL-enabled PircBot. After you’ve downloaded the file below, you then call the connect routine of your BOT like this:

bot.connect(hostname, port, new TrustingSSLSocketFactory());

  • Ehmjay

    I’m struggling around with your library. As soon as I successfully compiled and implemented your library, I’m still not able to connect an IRC server with SSL connection.
    I think there is a problem with certification?
    May you help me with some further information about connecting on SSL?
    Thanks in advance!